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Candy apples and razor blades, Little dead are soon in graves

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Bonfires burning bright
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“Since when do they just let them wander around?” and other assorted tales to be told around the Samhain fire.

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Thirty three years ago tonight, HE escaped from the sanitarium to return home. HE came home Continue reading

Scary Sounds of Horror Bashing in your Ear Drums

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The Season of scares is upon us. To help celebrate the festival of Samhain, I’ve created a list of what I feel are the top ten Horror Movie theme songs . Check them out Continue reading

It’s Almost Time

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Black cats and goblins
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For the Love of Money

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Greetings and salutations, my friends. The following post was not what I had initially planned on, it’s just what flowed as I sat down to write while having a conversation with my cousin. Hopefully you enjoy it.

I used to think that the sequel was the death of creativity and integrity. Looking back and knowing what I know now, I was mistaken. The “reboot”or “remake” seems to be the true death of creativity and integrity. I have a hard time believing that there are no more original thoughts or concepts. Has our love of money exceeded our love of creative expression? At the very least sequels further a story and delve deeper into a character, while introducing new characters and situations. Remakes, are merely someone else’s interpretation on another person’s idea(s) just to cash in. They are all about the dollar signs on the bottom line.

There are of course some exceptions to the rule. Not every remake is bad or horrible, but in my opinion most are. Money seems to be the only motive Hollywood feels they need to remake a movie, or reboot a franchise. If the formula works, then update it and maybe put a slight spin on it. This way there is minimal marketing needed because it already has name recognition.

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