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See you all in the new year.

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It’s been a while and there has been lots going on. From Halloween through the new year, things just become a blur. One of the coolest things that has recently happened were the Metallica 30th Anniversary shows (Featuring: John Bush, Glenn Danzig, Jason Newsted, Ozzy Osbourne, Continue reading


“Since when do they just let them wander around?” and other assorted tales to be told around the Samhain fire.

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Thirty three years ago tonight, HE escaped from the sanitarium to return home. HE came home Continue reading

Paranormal Activity 3, Who You Gonna Call?

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Now I make no claims to like these films even remotely, in fact I feel quite the opposite. I have never seen Continue reading

Season of the Witch: Halloween III

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Yup, I am talking about HalloweeN III, the black sheep of the franchise.  Since the time of its release, fans have shunned this entry.  Up until recently, I hardly ever watched it. I must admit, I never hated the movie. Continue reading

When there is no more room in Hell, the dead shall walk…the boardwalk in Asbury Park

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I am really looking forward to this weekend.  This year the New Jersey Zombie Walk is expanding into a THREE day long Undead Festival! Continue reading

All Good “Things”…

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June 25, 1982 was the date that John Carpenter’s The Thing came out, I was seven years old, far too young to have been able to see The Thing in the theater. I do however, remember going to the theater to see E.T., which had been released June 11, 1982. As it turned out, the masses embraced E.T. and were caught off guard two weeks later when The Thing came out. This alien was not about to use a Speak and Spell to phone home. Funny, I think that The Thing had a better and longer lasting effect on me. It probably was a good thing that I didn’t see it back then, considering the damage that Alien and Aliens did. I am referring to a few months of nightmares, thanks dad. Just kidding.

My father seems to think that the Hawks version called, The Thing From Another World is better than the John Carpenter film. I will argue with him incessantly that the “Frankenstein Carrot Man From Space, On Ice” film can not hold a candle to the masterpiece that is Carpenter’s The Thing. Continue reading

Triple Threat

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Alien and Predator are two of the most popular Science Fiction extra terrestrial life forms. Both have very successful franchises and even have crossed paths as enemies in video games, books/comics, and movies. That being said, the equation seems off. Something is missing. Continue reading