See you all in the new year.

It’s been a while and there has been lots going on. From Halloween through the new year, things just become a blur. One of the coolest things that has recently happened were the Metallica 30th Anniversary shows (Featuring: John Bush, Glenn Danzig, Jason Newsted, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Rob Halford, King Diamond, Ron McGovney, Lloyd Grant, and MOST IMPORTANTLY… DAVE MUSTAINE!!!!)  I can now die a happy man!  In light of the recent Lulu fiasco, Metallica have released a four song EP (Beyond Magnetic) containing songs left off of Death Magnetic.

In other music related news, there appears to be some activity going on with NJ BooWop band Mister Monster. Check out for more info. Also, lots of stuff being done with another NJ band, Darrow Chemical Company (Check them out on their reverbnation page).  Maybe we will have some new music from Michale Graves to look forward to in the coming year (With any luck it will be new stuff which is not acoustic). Possibly some info on the traveling sideshow, which  spotlights the talentless shallow end of the gene pool going by the name of Jerry Only, err rather The Misfits.

Also, I’ll have some stuff to say about Contagion, The Thing (2011), Apollo 18, a new Ridley Scott film called Prometheus, and whatever else is coming up.

Until then, Have a Happy Winter Solstice. See you in the New Year.


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