Black Sabbath 11-11-11 …Just Like Witches at Black Masses

The news that many have been waiting for has been revealed. BLACK SABBATH ARE BACK!!!

I am not talking about some offshoot “band” consisting of one original member, and not some BS Dio album either. Osbourne, Iommi, Ward, and Butler. The Black Sabbath, no imitation. They are set to release new music for the first time since 1998. What is even better than this? Rick Rubin is set to be the producer. The same guy who has produced albums for Danzig, Slayer, Metallica, Audioslave, Johnny Cash, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, and many, many more artists.

To say that I am looking forward to this would be a huge understatement. Alice in Chains can’t be the only band to reunite and release new music (minus Layne and Mike). Even though it was cool to see Mustaine playing on stage WITH Hetfield and Ulrich, it is time for a reunion that produces something phenomenal. Let’s start with Alice in Chains, followed by Black Sabbath. Faith No More and Soundgarden, you are next so get to it guys.

We Sold Our Souls…

I’m so glad that Sabbath reunited, not Zeppelin.


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