The Thing That Should Not Be or: Lou Reed and Metallica’s album Lulu

Remember when everyone thought that Metallica sold out for doing Fade to Black? What about when they released the black album? How about that time they all cut their hair off and started wearing eyeliner with Load and ReLoad? Let us not forget Jason quitting, the Some Kind Of Monster documentary,  and the album St. Anger.

So it comes as no surprise that Metallica are once again testing the tolerance of their fans. No, it isn’t another joint effort with a symphony, it is a collaboration that works as good as genetically altering an elephant to have butterfly wings. It just doesn’t work.

Now I went into this with an open mind, I knew that it was going to be artsy but it was just not cohesive.  It reminds me of when you shake a container of vinegar and oil vigorously, it comes together for a short period of time but quickly dissolves back into its two components. Honestly that is the best way for me to describe this album. If that doesn’t work I’ll give it another go. The album sounds like Metallica jamming with scarce vocals. The recording of them jamming finds its way to the drunk tank at your local police station. As the music begins, a schizophrenic who is hammered begins rambling. I have no idea what the ramblings are about but the lyrics are moderately less vulgar than the song So What.

It is interesting if you are a fan of Lou Reed or Metallica, but it is not a repeat play kind of album. This was not the way to follow up Death Magnetic. They probably should have just came up with a group name for this project. Kind of like what Dave Mustaine did with his project that was called MD.45 – The Craving.


I actually prefer this to anything on the Lulu record.


One Response to “The Thing That Should Not Be or: Lou Reed and Metallica’s album Lulu”

  1. Metal Odyssey Says:

    What’s next… a Metallica and ABBA joint venture on an album? My music collection is diverse, yet I draw the line too.

    Sometimes I can’t believe this is the same band I saw playing in a club, with Metal Church opening for them. Those were the “good old days”…

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