Paranormal Activity 3, Who You Gonna Call?

Now I make no claims to like these films even remotely, in fact I feel quite the opposite. I have never seen the second or third films, and hopefully I will never have to. The only way I would see one of these “films” is if the Ghostbusters were in it. I ain’t afraid of no hoax. Think about it, the Ghostbusters could actually bring some life to these films. Oh how I wish that Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston would show up to eliminate the Paranormal Activity series.

I reluctantly went to the theater to see the first Paranormal Activity. My wife and her coworkers were going to see it on opening night. The theater was packed and people were actually being turned away. We sat there for an hour watching this “film” before we needed to leave because my wife was getting motion sickness from the shaky camera.

Eventually I got around to seeing the complete film, and honestly, it was horrible. The movie was not scary (a few creepy moments, but not scary) and the characters weren’t even likable. I remember thinking to myself, this guy playing the husband is such a D-bag.  To have to sit through 70 minutes of annoying characters for two cheap scares at the end was just idiotic.

“Reality” based T.V. is bad enough, now we have to accept faux reality films.  This second generation of Blair Witch type movies is mediocre at best. What I am getting at is this, these movies may be void of  creativity, but they sure do make a ton of money. To the film companies at least, that is what matters. For some reason the masses are eating this crap up though. I’m just not sure how much longer I can endure the torture that is reality based entertainment.


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