Season of the Witch: Halloween III

Yup, I am talking about HalloweeN III, the black sheep of the franchise.  Since the time of its release, fans have shunned this entry.  Up until recently, I hardly ever watched it. I must admit, I never hated the movie. I only wished that they had called it something else. Honestly, it isn’t a bad story at all. Even if there is no Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis, or Laurie Strode. It has a sinister bad guy (Conal Cochran), one of the stones from Stonehenge, and killer masks. All in all it is a solid movie with a pretty good story, and it is sure to help bring out the Halloween spirit, even without the boogeyman’s presence. I also decided to talk about it, because there is eight more days to Halloween.

Silver Shamrocks

And don’t forget, the big give away at 9


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