The band that was known as The Misfits is dead, and has been for some time.

The Misfits began in 1977 with Glenn Danzig forming the band. By the time they disbanded in 1983 there had been many line-up changes. Jerry Only (Bass) and his brother, Doyle (Guitar) were in the band at the time of its demise. After a long drawn out legal battle, Jerry and Doyle won the rights to use the name, “The Misfits”.

The Misfits reformed in 1995 with a new singer and drummer. The band toured relentlessly and after some time, many of the die-hard Danzig fans accepted the new singer Michale Graves. After two albums the band fell apart. This was due to many things.

Somewhere along the line the Misfits went from being a force to a farce. The current version of the “band” seems to be trying to out trademark Kiss. Jerry Only has taken control of the band and his own brother opted out. Doyle went on to form his own band, Gorgeous Frankenstein.

The Misfits were Glenn Danzig until 1983(writing all music and lyrics). When the band reformed there were four people working together to create the music. The “band’s” bio has been revamped making Jerry sound like the driving creative force behind the band. Danzig is mentioned in passing in the new bio and Michale has been completely left out. The new bio also insinuates that Jerry is an original member of the band. He may have been in the band the longest but he was the second person to play bass in the band, and that is just fact. For more actual facts regarding the Misfits, check out

On October 4, 2011, the “Misfits” also known as Jerry Only’s trio will release an album called Devil’s Rain. It is being advertised as an album of all new songs. This is not factual as the album mostly consists of songs that were left on the cutting room floor from the American Psycho and Famous Monsters sessions. The last creative version of the band died in October of 2000 when Michale Graves and CHUD walked off the stage at the House of Blues.

On October 4,2011 I suggest you check out the debut release from The Darrow Chemical Company (A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue E.P.), which features former members of Mister Monster, Gotham Road, and Michale Graves solo band.
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2 Responses to “The band that was known as The Misfits is dead, and has been for some time.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    [citation needed]

    Misfits Central doesn’t make any mention of this.

    • I meant that Misfits Central shows a more accurate portrait of the band. That site contains facts regarding the band, such as information about timelines, bootlegs, lineup changes and other information. There is no agenda portrayed by any former member, to take credit away from anyone else. I apologize if my point came across otherwise.

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