As Summer Expires and Autumn Slowly Seeps in Like Moisture into a Coffin, So are the Days of our Afterlives.

Greetings Droogs (A Clockwork Orange anyone?),

The Scarecrow has returned to give you a quick heads up. First of all, I have not left you all out in the fields to bake and rot in the Summer sun. I have been busy lately in the non digital world working on some things. I just had a few things I wanted to put out there for the time being, to tide you over.

So as the Summer begins to wind down and Autumn begins to creep in, there are a few movies coming out that look interesting: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Apollo 18. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark looks like it has potential to be good, on the Horror front. Science Fiction/Horror is offering up Apollo 18, which is using conspiracy theory propaganda as a promotional tool(Think Blair Witch and its “found footage” concept). Both of these movies look better than most of the stuff that the genres are offering up to the mainstream lately. In my opinion, we really don’t need another Final Destination movie.

As for Television, if you haven’t checked out the first season of Walking Dead, get to it. The second season will begin airing on Sunday, October 16th.  Also, if you have not heard about Falling Skies, you have to check this one out. All you need to know is, alien invasion is over and  the occupation is being fought by the small bands of resistance fighters throughout the world. The show focuses on the resistance based out of Boston.

Both of these shows have intelligent stories with extremely well written characters. The acting is top notch. Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Laurie Holden (X-Files and The Mist), Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints), and Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) work very well to make The Walking Dead the hit that it is. Noah Wiley (ER), Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation), Will Patton (24), and Colin Cunningham (X-Files, 4400, and Stargate Atlantis) are a great team that consistently make Falling Skies a great show.

I am really digging Falling Skies. Over the past few years the Sci/Fi and Horror genres haven’t faired too well on television. The series Surface and the re-imagining of V had potential but couldn’t seem to catch their stride. Invasion was very promising, but was canceled after only one season. I think that Falling Skies and The Walking Dead can outshine True Blood. I grew up watching the original NBC V series and Falling Skies gave me that nostalgic feeling (minus all the cheesy spots that V had).

Promo for Season 1 of The Walking Dead

Promo for Falling Skies Season 1

Big things planned for the next few posts, so keep checking back. As you wait out in the fields, keep your eyes open for Isaac and He who walks behind the rows! (Children of the Corn)


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