Greetings readers, and welcome to my first post titled Pilot, like what they do with TV shows.

My love of the horror genre started at a young age.  It began on a Halloween night (when I was about five or six), after a day of trick or treating, followed by a Halloween party at the neighbor’s house, then a brief visit to my grandparent’s house (that seemed to have some eerie mystique to it).  When I got home my dad put the TV on and there was a movie on. I remember two girls walking down a sidewalk on their way home from school.  One was fishing through her purse, not paying attention while the other noticed a man staring at them far ahead from where they were. As they continued walking the other girl told her friend what was going on.  With that, the friend plowed ahead to investigate.  When she reached the hedges where the man had been, there was no sign of him. That first scene that I witnessed,  the mood of the movie just captivated me. The movie was Halloween, and I was hooked from that moment on.

Science Fiction also captivated me early on.  My dad had brought me to his uncle’s house to see a movie that was airing on cable TV.  Cable was not yet available in our area (This was way before On Demand or Netflix).  The movie was Alien and it terrified me, yet it fascinated me at the same time.  The film score, the opening title, and the Alien itself haunted me.  In fact, years later I went to see Aliens in the theater with my dad.  It scared the living shit out of me.  I had trouble sleeping for the next two weeks after seeing it.

Of course there was Star Wars, Salem’s Lot, Godzilla, Kolchak, Buck Rogers, War of the Worlds, Star Trek (always felt the original series was a little too campy for me), Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, etc.  However, some of the most striking characters to me were a little more obscure:  Hector, the murderous robot from Saturn 3, Bubba, the mentally challenged protagonist from Dark Night of the Scarecrow, the Martians from Martian Chronicles, the house in the Amityville Horror, Marion Rolf (The character played by Karen Black) in Burnt Offerings.

Much later I discovered more gruesome stories in both genres.  I also discovered a little band from my home state (New Jersey) called The Misfits.  The Misfits wrote songs about all kinds of horror and sci/fi themes.  I will talk more about the legacy of The Misfits and the birth of the Horror Punk genre in a future edition of this blog.

The focus of this blog will encompass Horror and Science Fiction across multiple mediums, life, and culture.  I’ve always been intrigued by these two genres. You can look forward to: Reviews, Expectations, Concepts, Thoughts, Discussions, and My own stories.  I am absolutely open to suggestions also.

Although I prefer John Carpenter’s film, The Thing to Howard Hawk’s film, The Thing From Another World, I will leave you now with one of the final lines spoken in that movie, so until next time, “Keep watching the skies”.


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